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              Hangzhou Kingcrown Construction & Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

              KC-9837 door stopper

              • Product Item:KC-9837
              • Category:Door Hardware
              • Views:1624
              • Material: Zinc
              • Color: Stainless Steel Color
              • Feature: Anti Corrosion, Fire Proof, Easy to Clean
              • Product Manual:KC-9837 door stopper
              BASIC INFO
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              Product Name:

              KC-9837 door stopper 


              Color: Stainless Steel Color
              Material: Zinc Alloy
              Advantage: Water Proof, Fire Resistant, Beautiful Shape, Easy to Install.

              Product Photos:

              Test Data:


              Locker, Cabinet, Display Place ...

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              Whatsapp: 0086 13588153956

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              QQ: 37805150

              Email: Kcrown1801@aliyun.com

              Mobile Phone No.: 0086 13588153956

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